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Shamanic Soul Retrievals 

Remote Land Clearing

Ark Healing

Nathalie Declunder

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Land Clearing

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A Bit About Me

As revealed a little in the About section of this website, I had access to Lucid Dreaming and awareness within Dream Time, long before I knew anything about Shamanism and Land Clearing.  

I had experiences in childhood of feeling into the land but at that time I didn't have any context to place it in nor anyone to talk to regarding my experiences.   I grew up in the Flanders Fields and that is enough said to get a sense of how oppressive that could possibly feel to a sensitive child.

The first experiences of Land Clearing and some initial teachings were back in the early years at the Barbara Brennan School.  It was the experience of the Land Clearing on my own countryside home and land.  That was but the beginning and it took another 5 years to complete this process of Land Clearing.  The way to complete the land clearing and the wider area revealed itself slowly as I changed through my experiences and learning at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and then by walking the Shaman's Path.  The teachings were were a mix of inner teachings during those 5 years and the practical teachings of Shamanism.

In the final year of the Shaman's Path course in 2016, as we were relocated to a different gathering place for the group in the South of France, the final pieces of how to clear my land and surrounding area came together.  Within a few months, the final land clearing took place and the flow of the land was coming back.  In this short description, the aim was to give a sense of how this Land Clearing interest came into being.  A link to the full unfolding of this particular land clearing and all its peculiarities and synchronicities can be found at the end of this section as a case study.

Land Clearing Experience

April 2016 - December 2021


Land clearing examples

Issue:  difficulty selling house (New Mexico, Leeds) - sold

Issue:  clients 'grabbed' by arm by ghosts in their own house in a village in UK known for it being haunted.  Several people in the same house having the same experience.  Client fear and feeling the chill of this presence - clearing, healing and closing of the 'ghost trap'. Onsite work, full day.  Healing of the client having been attacked by intrusive ghost, no longer feeling herself - positive feedback of issues being resolved

Issue: client woken by someone running down the stairs as she was home alone, followed by her friend seeing a 'workman' behind her during a Skype call as she was still alone in the house.  Clearing of the house, moved on the soul of the previous house owner still dwelling in the house and healing session of client to remove any residual effects from this experience - positive feedback on clearing

Issue: curse on the land in the west of the UK.  Earth Entity moving through the area and affecting people.  Curse on the land.  Land feels stuck and sickly.  Clearing of the land on site one full day with the client, the client now also feeling this entity as we're working.  Removed the Entity after stalking it in a shamanic way and reverse the curse - positive feedback on the land clearing.

Land Clearing assistant to a colleague in a land clearing of a wood in Scotland 

Issue: ongoing Viking fight in the wood and Viking burial ground within the wood.  This was only revealed by the Trust in charge of the wood at the time of the land clearing starting on site.  Our group found the issue and we were invited to deal with the issues on the land.   

Research:  conducted by my colleague into land clearing 

July 2011 - April 2016

First Earth energy correction work coupled with teaching in July 2011.  Completion Shamanic Land Clearing in April 2016 

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