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Land Clearing Work

Welcome to the finer detail of the quotation, estimate and booking process of Land Clearing Work


An initial query about Land Clearing can be sent to, preferably mentioning the tag 'land clearing'.

In this initial email, please describe what you'd like to receive help with so I can get a sense of whether I can help you with this or not.  

Only remote services are offered at present due to the Corona Crisis and in-person options will resume once that abates sufficiently.

Email is my preferred contact medium as it enables me to read through emails multiple times, unlike phone conversations.  It may appear less personal, the intent is more about depth. 

You can send me address details at this point, of the location, but it isn't going to be looked at in detail nor depth in this initial contact.  

Once the booking process has started, an intake form will be sent to cover those aspects which I will need for the Land Clearing.  The Terms and Conditions of Service can be found in the website footer.

Complex work - Estimates

As might be deduced from the process of Land Clearing at my own property -  accessible as a case study on the main land clearing page - what appears initially as a local issue may turn out to be just one piece of a much larger jigsaw.  

Sometimes, the scope needs to be widened to a much larger scale in the process of clearing before the final clearing at one specific location on the land can complete. 

Aside from my own property, I have had only one other experience of this process requiring about 30 hour of work.  This is the exception rather than the rule in my experiences of Land Clearing.  

Because of the nature of complex work, I usually get a sense of where it's going after the initial consultation as well as the amount of time needed for the Land Clearing.  I don't tend to complete those complex projects remotely and an in-person approach is needed.  For these reasons, initial estimates are provided rather than a fixed quote.

From Estimate to Quotation: Complex Work

Once the Estimate of the work is deemed acceptable to the client, the finer details of the work and travel will be worked out and a final Quote formulated for the client.

Once the Quote is accepted and payment is made by the client ahead of the project taking place, a booking date(s) for the Land Clearing will be set. 

Ark Healing cannot be held responsible for unforeseen cancellations or changes which are outside of Ark Healing's remit.  

Nathalie Declunder will however in such eventualities endeavour to recover as much of the travel expenditure as feasible through her travel insurance on behalf of the client, the remainder of the unrecoverable fees being incurred by the client.

In such unlikely eventualities, uncompleted work and recoverable travel expenses will be refunded to the client.  

Following this, a new quote will be provided to the client, reflecting renewed travel expenditure as well as the outstanding work as outlined in the previous quote.  Upon acceptance of this new quote and payment, rebooking of the uncompleted work will be offered at a later date and travel reattempted. 

Initial work - Quote

Following the initial email exchanges, you may wish to continue your journey into land clearing.  

The initial consultation and quote for land clearing work is the same for everyone.  The initial work consists of 2 hours healing time or £150 (no VAT).  

Those two hours need to be booked together as one unit and can be booked on separate days, depending on what's available in the booking schedule.  Once this booking is complete, an intake form will be sent for you to fill in and return ahead of the sessions. 

Of the two hours booked, one and a half hours take place offline, in the stillness of my own space and in Shamanic Ceremony.   The final half an hour is the online consultation with the client to discuss the healing work and any possible additional work if deemed necessary. The time the client needs to be available is the latter half of the latest slot booked for Land Clearing.

In most cases, the land clearing is pretty straightforward and the two hours are sufficient.

Estimate Elements

In this section, the most common elements of in-person land clearing work are listed:

* Shamanic Healing Work: hourly rate £75

* Admin Work & Travel time: hourly rate £40

* Mileage Cost own car: £0.45/mile

* Petrol: at cost + VAT

* Crystals from wholesaler if needed: at cost + VAT, invoice provided to client for tax purposes if applicable

* Detailed maps for large areas: at cost + VAT and might be written/drawn on/glued (ie useless afterwards in a traditional sense, not given out to client after healing work)

* Smudging materials etc as per estimate

* Travel Costs/Flights/Hotels etc at cost + VAT as applicable.  

Sacred Work Caveat

Because of the nature of the work, it feels necessary to set a boundary with regards to the sacred nature of the work. Ark Healing-Nathalie Declunder - expressly forbids any recording of the work be made, be it audio/video or both, be it for monetised or non-monetised reasons by the client or by others who had contact with the client and got to know about the on-site Land Clearing.  Others 'hanging around and watching' is also forbidden. 

As the conversations between Ark Healing-Nathalie Declunder- and the client are private, any intrusions of this sort into the healing space during the on-site Land Clearing will be met with an immediate cessation of services on-site without refund.  

Entanglements of non-spiritual 'wants and needs' of others outside of the healing agreement is disrespectful and frankly dangerous.  The clients bear full responsibility of this, in who and to what degree they share information with regards the on-site Land Clearing visit(s). This strong boundary is necessary not only to facilitate my work, carried out in a Sacred Space, but also to safeguard others not familiar with this work from being adversely affected by that which is getting released from the Land.  Casually passing the land during Land Clearing work doesn't entangle one with this work.  Intentional crossing of this boundary through watching intently and/or recording in whichever way may adversely affect those who don't know or don't believe in Sacred Space through their strong entanglement with that which is happening  If it is deemed that one person is necessary for transport over larger areas, Nathalie Declunder has the sole choice in determining whether that person is suitable for this or not, if that person happens not to be the client.  Others' safety within the process of Land Clearing will be through the inclusion within the Sacred Space set for the healing work to take place.

What Ark Healing's Clients Say

Screen Shot 2021-12-27 at 12.59.15.png

T.J. Oxfordshire UK

My house had simply felt cursed and dark.

My family all experienced poltergeist activity on a daily basis, including on one occasion when both a family member and neighbour saw a large dark shadow as they chatted.  The house never seemed to get light and we felt 'stuck' and I often had a sense of someone watching me.  

I am so glad that I contacted Nathalie, who came and did an amazing clearing and blessing.  She was able to close a portal and cleanse the property.  Since then, the house seems much lighter and all the negative energy has gone, it feels tranquil.  I no longer feel that I'm being watched.  I would definitely recommend Nathalie.  Thank you Nathalie

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