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The Shamanic Smudging Fan is used in Sacred Ceremonies to fan burning, smouldering plants (or the smoking resins in a safe container) to ritually cleanse a space used for prayer, meditation or healing work.  In the Native American Traditions and Culture, an Abalone Shell is often used to hold and contain a burning/smouldering plant, such as Sacred Californian White Sage, Sweetgrass or Cedar.

The smudging fans seen on this site have been made in ceremony, whilst blessing the animals from whom the feathers & hide have been used.  In some fans, crystals have been included and honoured.

In this offering of sacred objects, I would like to expresss my gratitude to Patricia White Buffalo for the depth of her teachings and healing work.  In this offering of sacred objects, I wish you much peace and happiness, many blessings coming your way.

Shamanic Smudging Fan

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  • Materials: turkey feathers, ostrich feathers, pheasant feathers, deer leather - crystal

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