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#Kundalini There are many descriptions about Kundalini in the West. After difficult experiences of a deflected Kundalini Rising were addressed and remedied through knowledge held by a 500 year old Indian Kundalini Lineage, I became more interested in knowing more about Kundalini Science

It is not my place nor do I have the required knowledge to describe Kundalini Vidya to any depth. What I do however have is a lived experience of an active kundalini rising, which didn't fall within the normal experiences of Kundalini as described in the West.

Of all the books I had read about Kundalini risings ahead of my visit to Tennessee, most had been vague with regards to what Kundalini was about. Joan Harrigan's book on the matter, as the US director of PKYC (Pantanjali Kundalini Yoga Care), was the clearest on the subject even though from the descriptions it was difficult if not impossible to guess the type of Kundalini Rising I had. That is the role of a spiritual director. A spiritual director is someone who had been initiated within the lineage and had received permission to work with this sacred, deep knowledge.

Explore the depths of our human potential

Human potential is the capacity for humans to improve themselves through studying, training, and practice, to reach the limit of their ability to develop aptitudes and skills”

Aptitudes and skills can be looked at as 'outward' potential within a particular job or societal setting. However, there are equally aptitudes and skills of a more sublime, invisible nature. Those more introvert, more invisible qualities are to be individually experienced in order to remove any doubt around those experiences. From my life experiences, I certainly couldn't have believed nor imagined in early life that life could be so peaceful and there could be a possibility of ever feeling deeply contented in life. The shift from difficult experiences of life in general to contentment and deep contemplation only happened after receiving help from PKYC. Outwardly to most, I seem the same person. Inwardly, I feel very fortunate and grateful for not giving up during the difficult inner journey of exploration of my inner potential. It led me to PKYC and an appreciation for Kundalini and life as it is. I also know I haven't reached the pinnacle of spirituality yet for I haven't had that experience to this point. There is big difference between reading the knowledge of ancient traditions and having a lived experience of those teachings. Only through experiencing those teachings can it become embodied wisdom, not a mere concept one adopts or beliefs.


As mentioned in an earlier blog, a more shamanic way of conveying teachings is through the telling of stories.

Joan Harrigan has also endeavoured to compile the Spiritual Transformation Stories of PKYC Consultees, who have sought help from PKYC over time and have reached an advanced spiritual state. There is a sharing of stories in a fairly condensed form. I found it humbling and touching to read those stories with their insights.

Wired for God

' We'll be known forever by the tracks we leave '

One of the Stories of Spiritual Transformation is by Dani Antman who elaborated her journey further in her book 'Wired for God'. In her book Dani describes her journey of awakening within a setting of her Jewish faith. I am aware of other Consultees who have written insightful books. As I haven't read those yet, they may feature in future blogs.

Get Inspired about your inner potential.

These are just a few books to inspire Truth seekers on the matter. Depth of knowledge is difficult to find and within these stories as well as Kundalini Vidya, one can get a sense of the ways in which the Divine manifests and moves a human being.

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