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Shamanic Land Clearing Case Study

Updated: Jan 23, 2022

First experience of land energy correction resulting in discovering Shamanic Land Clearing work.

No stranger to serendipity, the way in which fortunate discoveries are made by accident or the way also in which the information needed is revealed, this case writeup of a Shamanic Land clearing is but one example of how I see serendipity playing out. The information needed not only arose unexpectedly from within but equally showed up through communication with others. The way in which life reveals itself doesn't cease to amaze me.

There is nothing else I can do for you.

“In the impossibility of a task lies the probability of solving it”

The words indicating 'nothing else' weren't voiced at the time yet present in that which was advised at the closing of the Earth Energy Correction Work on my land. I had met David a few years earlier during a retreat. He was the retreat leader and during this retreat I had also met a dowsing co-retreater. It was the start of the path of unfolding land clearing.

A dowsing conversation had revealed that the energy of my home was exceedingly poor, barely liveable. It was that bad that the lady had no wish to attend my site to help me correct it. The retreat leader David was next and he was invited for this Earth Energy Correction Work.

Before his visit, I had taken the time to quietly sit on my bench in the garden and ponder about the different spaces of my land.

Having spent sufficient time walking the land in my mind and surveying it, I got up with my notebook and walked the land again very slowly as I stopped to sense and ponder as I went along. I drew and adjusted the drawings of this process in my notebook without filtering anything out. During the Earth Acupuncture day with David, I felt a sense of relief by the end of the day when all the areas marked off on my notepad had been dealt with. The healer had refused to look at my drawings and let the day unfold by walking the land and teaching me in the process. I valued the learning of seeking and seeing that which is very strong and supportive on the land before starting to clear that which doesn't help much. It's so easy to let the focus flow towards that which doesn't work that you forget to look at what works well. I had been working in veterinary medicine too long. And seeing this in the teachings that day were a reminder to be more attentive to that part in land clearing work. Concluding the day, he had pointed at the neighbour's barn wall on the boundary of my property. He advised me that the wall would need to come down. And that was that. I could perceive the black dense energy at the base of the wall and what it was doing. It felt very sickening and at that time, nothing else could be done. That wall wasn't mine and it couldn't come down.

Involuntary reception

As I was relaxing at home at the end of 2013 during the Christmas period, I suddenly felt compelled to have a look at GoogleMaps and my property within a larger setting. As I was zooming in and out on GoogleMaps, I started writing down that which was entering my awareness about the area. What was present at my property was it seems but a piece of a much larger puzzle over a much larger surface area. Not born in this part of the world and not knowing the local history in that much detail, it was also impossible to research the local history online. In December 2013, I started to get the sense that the issues were originating from an area not too far from my house and that a family was suffering from the same toxic effects. I also sensed that they had already sought help with regards to this . The person they had consulted had helped somewhat but it hadn't been resolved. According to this inner guidance, the farmer next-door would point me in the direction of the owner of the land. Furthermore, the inner guidance showed the need for setting up a crystal grid in a specific configuration for it to work. The toxic source of the problem at that property was spilling over in the neighbourhood in a curved line as it was finding its way to the canal in the village. This track was crossing my property at the boundary wall with my neighbour. It was creating all sorts of unhealthy vortices as this black toxic energy spewed out onto the land on its way to the canal, affecting people and animals all the same.

In February 2014, I received the next little bit of information. It seemed that the energy of the land was linked to the history of the land going back a very long time, to a time when it was a dangerous place to be. The issues weren't linked to battle and bloodshed but much worse. It was instead linked to sorcery and black magic which had been used to control the flow of the land in a non-beneficial way. The natural flow could no longer happen. At that point, I could notice how the natural Spirit of the Land couldn't get close and the harm of that. It was also shown how there had been a strong co-operative current before all this happened in the area. There was a good chance that resolving this sickly energy would have a wider effect in the area than just my property and the one where it originated from. That change had a chance of happening once the crystal grid setup was complete and the the black magic grip broken.

Meet the neighbours

In June 2014, I had the usual septic tank issues on the land. When I saw my neighbour, I had asked whether he knew of someone else to have a look at it. My patience with the local company seeing to my septic tank issues was wearing thin as they couldn't resolve it. Remembering the stream of guidance in December, I asked him also about that section of land I had singled out on Google Maps. I didn't know the land as a local farmer does, someone who has lived on this land his whole life. On seeing the Googlemaps, he said he knew the person and that it was the same person he had given the contact details of with regards to emptying my septic tank. He asked me why I was asking about Googlemaps and I quickly mumbled something about the energy of that bit of land.

I invited this new septic tank company to the house and the company owner emptying and inspecting the tank confirmed ownership of the land. I dreaded asking him for permission to walk his land. When I did, he looked stern and I wondered what he thought. He went quiet and seeing my face started grinning as he reassuringly told me that his wife was into this energy stuff.

Now having permission to walk his land, on 16 June 2014 just before midday I did just that. He had given me rough directions and having found the entry point to the field, I walked the little path to the large willow tree I had seen on Google Maps. The closer I got, the sicker I felt, the dryer and crumblier the land, the less dense the crops were. As I stood in front of the large willow tree, one half of it on this land and the other half on the neighbour's land, there was an intense sick pulling at my stomach and I started feeling increasingly queasy. I thought I was going to throw up. Briskly walking back to the care and getting close to the street I half glancing back at the willow tree. I felt shocked at seeing a massive shape soaring upwards about 20 meters above the ground with black waves of energy spilling into the field like a massive black jelly doughnut shifting into a liquid wave as it spilled out. It was the shape of a tall man, long cape covering him from head to toe, authoritarian, vicious and cruel and holding his arms crossed in front of his chest, staring at me as I was leaving the site. I felt the hairs rise in the back of my neck. I'd seen enough and even though it wasn't confirmed by anything else, I had felt the strength of this darkness and I knew all was not well with that land. It being half on this land and half on the other, I started seeking the contact details of the people suffering this darkness on the other side of the willow tree. I checked with a couple of classmates at the Shamanism course how they sensed the land. I just gave the postcode for a Google Map check and nothing else. We had worked together on another shamanic project and we were all graduates from the same year at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. We had known each other a long time and I trusted their insight. One classmate said she couldn't look at it as she felt dizzy and sick. My other classmate drew a similar path to the one I had drawn on Googlemaps with a pretty similar description of the discharge course of this very toxic energy flow.

I finally managed to visit the neighbours on the other side of the willow tree on 19th July 2014. As we sat outside having a coffee, the conversation started about the land. Unexpectedly, they opened up about how unusual the circumstances were of this conversation happening. They had gone through some big changes and mentioned that if I had tried to contact or even visit them a few years earlier to discuss all this, I wouldn't have gotten through the door. They shared how they experienced and perceived those dark troubles at home and mentioned how they had sought help from someone to try to resolve the issues on the land. A priest had visited the site at some point and mentioned a girl had been killed and dismembered on that site and buried near the willow tree. Someone linked to their land had experienced a fairly lucid dream during a shamanic journey in which she ended up somewhere on the property and where she had received strong guidance during that shamanic journey not to touch the issue as it was too toxic for her to deal with. Both the ladies I spoke to that day shared that they had been wishing for something like this to happen and that my courage to contact them couldn't have come at a better time. They had been wishing for something like this to happen. We walked the land together and I could again feel the sickening pull at my stomach as we got closer to the pond and willow tree. They were also experiencing a lot of problems in draining the land for various reasons, something I reflected also to have issues with on my plot of land. As I left, I promised to give a quote with regards to this crystal grid around the willow tree. As I got the costings from the wholesale company for the crystals I needed, the cost of the crystals and the cost of the work proved to be prohibitive. Nevertheless, the guidance had been clear and had shown a crystal grid. I didn't understand and let it be until I would understand.

Getting Inspired

As I sat with the impossibility of that which I was facing, I turned this time to the Spirit of the Land as a next step to see how to solve this. Unexpectedly, this Spirit of the Land turned out to be very feminine in contrast to the other Spirits of the Land I had encountered before and since. As I asked her what she needed, she showed how the light would need to be sent into this dark place and in addition strong snake energy would be needed to break the black magic on that site. This snake energy would need to match this large figure I'd seen before in order to transform it. The Spirit of the Land pointed out that Snake is the only shamanic creature capable of doing this. When asking what I needed to do to support this process, I was told to stay well out of this process, my ego wasn't to be involved in any of it and I would need to find a way of doing this. At that point in time, I struggled to understand how I possibly could leave part of me out of this process and trusted that I'd be shown at some point. The sequence was however shown in that how things needed to happen and the importance of setting up Sacred Space for me to stand in whilst this discharge would take place. I would know when it was complete when I would be filled with a sense of peace.

In 2015, during a shamanic journey, the Spirit of the Land suddenly came into the space in my heart, my Shamanic Space as it's called also, to help put the crystal grid together. As this was going on, I could see how that created the light I'd need to complete the healing work. As it completed itself, the crystal complex configuration bathed in light started turning around slowly in a more multi- dimensional interconnected form in my field of vision. It wasn't something I would have been able to figure out with physical crystals in that configuration. It looked very complicated. It would remain within the little space of my heart until I needed it.

In February 2016, whilst staying at Montpellier in the south of France for our shamanic residential week at a retreat centre, I sat outside looking at the land. The thought drifted in my mind on how simply nourishing, wonderful, deeply soothing and peaceful this place was in contrast with my home site. In my revery on a bench, looking out into the big open space of the surrounding land during our lunch break, I suddenly noticed the large green cheeky face of a very masculine Spirit of the Land looking right back at me. "Follow the water" he said, "as with any land clearing, follow the water". As I was curious, I asked from more advice. He went on to tell me of the importance of doing this kind of work only at certain times, how to do the ceremony on site and that I would need to bury some crystals in the ground during that ceremony as well. I would need tobacco and smudging materials. I was shown the layers of protection I would do well to consider before starting the healing. Finally he showed where to start the land clearing work from and how to do this. The final finer details on how to bring it all together were now falling into place. He told me of how the black magician would come after me when he found out what I was doing, when I was flushing him out. He'd attack me and I was shown my protection, how I would be well and not to fear it. He showed me how to trap this dark energy and magician as well how to move it on and which help to call in. Finally, he showed how to cleanse and finish the land clearing work. Now it felt complete. I had now all the pieces I needed and I felt optimistic with the subtle, very knowledgeable detailed help received.

The big day

Getting up early on a Full Moon morning a few months later, I gathered my power objects and tobacco and left for a brisk walk towards the local canal. I saw a crow flying over, croaking away; crow biding a death of something, the symbol of the carrier of lost souls into Light. As I walked along, I found a pheasant who had been run over. It was a warning and it felt like a reminder about concealment. I bent down and offered a little tobacco. As I walked over the bridge of the canal, I took out my pendulum and proceeded slowly to find the exit point into the canal of this toxic energy. I kept walking slowly until I felt the spot and saw it in the pendulum. I had triangulated enough. As I looked up, I noticed four oak trees standing majestically equidistantly around the spot I had chosen. Having felt the inherent power, strength and protection of oak trees before, I gently and silently connected to each oak tree in turn, greeting them and humbly requesting their help in what was to come. Honouring their spirit and qualities, I asked them to be an anchor point in my endeavours. As I did a final check with my compass, I also found them to be solidly in the four directions. I felt grateful at effortlessly finding the starting point and the clearing felt on track. I buried the few crystals I had brought and offered some tobacco after lighting the sage. The gentle breeze kept the sage going.

I proceeded slowly, remembering the different steps to complete as I had been shown before in order to work safely. Snake was taking its place within my Sacred Space and inner space of the heart as my circle and layers of protection were completing themselves. There was a surrendering to the process of healing, one in which sensing would need to be central and no thinking.

As I was about to start, I heard a dog, a splash and shortly thereafter a lady coming into sight as they were walking up the canal path. Realising it wouldn't be safe for the dog nor the lady to experiencing what was to come, I waited for their return before proceeding. As the flushing out was set into motion, I closed my eyes briefly to subtly track the light orb making its way towards the source of the problems. I felt and saw the collision of the two different types of energy crashing into each other, followed by the black magician soaring up and with great speed and great anger making his way towards where I was standing. I saw how he was charging down towards me and as I could feel his attempts at getting into my layers of protection, the trap flipped into motion. He was reeling at being caught in this net and as shown by the Spirit of the Land in Montpellier, proceeded in a neutral way as suggested by the local Spirit of the Land in rounding off the healing. As I checked the origin site where this black magician had been, I felt the bone-chilling coldness of this place and started clearing out the residue of his residing there. The energy was shifting as that went along and suddenly a deep sense of peace was felt. It was over. I started gathering my things, closing off Sacred Space and walked home. Walking home, I saw some lapwings flying over and smiled. There is a Greek proverb about 'being more deceitful than a lapwing'. I was glad with the lapwing medicine that day.

I let the healing work settle a little before getting in touch with my friends on the shamanic course. Not knowing about the shamanic land clearing efforts, they both indicated that they could no longer sense nor see anything wrong with the land.


As I was trying to resolve the annoying drainage issues at home, my farmer neighbour seemed the least likely person to be to help with this. Still, he managed with his friend to find the cause of the drainage problem. As the works progressed on my land, we got talking.

The previously untold shamanic healing story was shared in 2018. As I shared my story, he listened. Then he spoke and I listened.

Just as the neighbours struggling with the land had shared their story and their awareness of something being terribly amiss with the land, my neighbour now also shared the lived experiences of the people of the land.

He shared one experience of the terrifying sight of this black shape coming from the woods at high speed at one person fearing for his life and that of his mother.

Another person had also seen a black shape moving through their house in the village, close to the canal.

One of this friends and his dad, whilst working on the fencing for the sheep near the canal, had at dusk seen a dark shape coming at them at a tremendous speed. As they saw the shape approaching , they felt terrified and in the car the dog was trying to burry himself inside the stuffing of the seat. As a last resort they put on the headlights of the car in the direction of this dark shape moving towards them and it had vanished as suddenly as it had appeared.

Finally, the farmer told of a priest who had been murdered near the canal but didn't know any more than that to this story.

Years after the clearing had completed, I got to hear how different people's experiences had linked into the perceptions at the time of the land clearing work. I didn't know any of this before starting this process or even at the time of the land clearing work.

This is how it feels, serendipity at work. What sometimes seems impossible might well become probable. With one person unblocking one thing, something else can get unblocked by another and that way we all play our part in life.

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