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Quantum Mechanics, Subtle Body and 'spooky action at a distance'

#EnergyHealing #Quantum Revisiting a blog topic written on 22 December 2019, this is a re-write of this blog for the new website

One question which is often asked by clients seeking a healing session is about long-distance healing. The question often is: 'is a long-distance healing session as 'powerful' as an in-person healing?'

The majority of my work being long-distance - not-in-person-work - this is a very valid question. Some clients have had in-person sessions and if one hasn't had a 'quantum' session yet, the question frequently gets asked during the first long-distance healing session.

“Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe. Erwin Schrodinger”

What might be worth describing is my first experience of long-distance healing between classmates at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

An experiment

I still remember the first time we tried long-distance healing between ourselves during the fourth year training at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing in Austria. That was about 10 years ago.

During this first experience as students of long-distance healing work, we were divided into two groups of students of equal numbers. The first group (group 1) was led into a different room, away from the second group (group 2). This was a room from which group 2 could not be seen. The scene was set.

The teachers in group 1 held little bits of paper on which the names of the classmates' names of group 2 had been written down, the paper folded subsequently. As the teachers were going around the 'healers' in group 1, we each received one piece of paper with a name of the person who was to receive the healing session.

Each of us was doing our 'healer's prep' a set of exercises in order to get into a 'healing frame of mind' before starting a healing session with the 'absent client' in the other room.

I had received the little piece of paper on which I saw the name written of one of the classmates. Part of me didn't believe anything could possibly happen when I entangled my mind with this person in another room as I did the best I could to picture her in my mind as the healing progressed. I observed inwardly how the energy was shifting within her. Afterwards, once the healing was complete, we went to meet our client classmates in the other room. From those exchanges, it became clear that the healing work was just as strong hands-off as it had been hands-on. Even though we had read up on quantum mechanics, even though most of us had experienced long-distance healing work during our training from experienced Brennan healers, it was still different. That time we actually experienced giving a long-distance healing session as budding healers. We also received honest feedback from the corresponding classmates, after this long-distance healing session from the other room.

The roles were then reversed in the experiment with group 2 as healers and group 1 experiencing the healing work. At that point I could track what was happening and how I felt during that session. It took much longer than this one day at school to gain more confidence, but that day I got a glimpse and an experience of quantum mechanics at work.

Healthy scepticism

New clients can also feel sceptical during in-person sessions. It can be difficult to understand that during healing sessions and simple light touch to the joints of a body that is fully clothed on a table, anything but 'touch' actually happens. One is so used to the physicality of life that it may be difficult to move out of that concept of life.

Emotions after all - and the Mind - are more fluid and faster than the solid body structures. By entanglement with the client's experience in a specific moment in time, the healer's state of being gets entangled with the client.

The healer in that moment is used to track their energy field and in that they are also more able to direct energy to certain parts of their body but also direct energy in the body of a client. Mostly, this happens spontaneously as the energy starts flowing to where it is not flowing, to the parts of the body where the energy is stuck. How much of this shifting flow is experienced by the client also depends on how sensitive the client is. Some clients just fall asleep as soon as the healing starts, others feel everything that's going on and describe the healing in detail; and then others don't feel a thing. It's a process of development in awareness and sensitivity, not only of the healer but of the client also. It's the domain of the psyche/mind.

The other aspect that sometimes happens during healing work is that a client has a very strong energetic experience during one session and then 'wants' exactly the same kind of experience again. This is not how healing works. That which was present in the previous session is no longer there the next time and it can be quite unsettling for clients holding this kind of expectation. It can hold them in one 'experience set' for a period of time as they compare each healing session again and again against the backdrop of 'the one' healing session which touched them deeply, not realising that the subsequent healing sessions have their function too.

In distant healing session as well as those in-person, the clients step into experiencing the interchangeability between matter and energy. The more this occurs, the more the experiencing of this interchangeability of matter and energy happens, the more one usually becomes able to let go of a fixed, more rigid reality of 'ordinary', consensual reality. This happens naturally during the day but just as 'seeing in the dark', the myth surrounding the subtle realms of reality takes on the form of a monster when the Chinese whispers surrounding this subtle reality evolve at their own pace completely out of proportion.

It's worth just watching the quantum field for what it is, just present within the totality of life and not as something 'supernatural' (or in other words difficult to understand). One isn't afraid of using computers these days and with Covid-19, a lot of people have found out that 'subtle' communications through Zoom/Skype for example is not the same as 'in person' communication. However, there is an interphase, there is 'contact' between someone 'real and physical' by using 'subtle' technologies which rely on quantum mechanics. It's also not because there wasn't physical contact that one can't feel different from having had a subtle interphase. That's all there is to it and it's exactly the same for healing work.

Quantum mechanics

Quantum mechanics is so different from 'regular' predictable science in that there are some quirky things happening in quantum mechanics.

During Einstein's time, Quantum mechanics stayed in the realms of 'philosophy' as there were some unresolvable questions which couldn't get unlocked at the time.

After Einstein's death, quantum mechanics saw a breakthrough as quantum theory was proven. Years of Astrophysics has not only seen the application of quantum mechanics but also the relativity of time and four dimensional Time-Space rather than the 'conventional' 3D Space and a linear timeline.

There are intersecting points between our physical 'fixed' reality where we know with a certain degree of certainty where 'things' are and the subtle 'fluid' and fuzzy type of reality where we don't know at all with any degree of certainty where anything is until the wave of probabilities has collapsed and becomes measurable.

There were plenty of 'illogical' experiences during the training years at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and beyond. Periods of intense physical discomfort after healing work, after which it became extremely painful to even walk, just vanished over a period of about 45 minutes by taking out time to process that which had happened during the healing work by getting to a deeper layer of the experience.

This was not just experienced during the residential weeks at the Brennan School but also witnessed in clients. It can be very unsettling for clients not used to this kind of inner work to have their 'fixed' reality tickled and turned upside down. You just don't know how the probability wave is going to collapse in a healing until it collapses and then you can witness how it lands in a client.

Expect the unexpected

One example of these 'unexpected' happenings during healing work is from the final year at the Brennan School.

During our last year at school, the 'Friends and Family' week was an opportunity for family members and friends to experience what we'd been busy with for those four years.

One of those 'activities' for friends and family was that they could experience a healing session from a final year student if they so wished. As that time drew close to give healings to family and friends, we were led into a room full of tables. We were to choose our table and ensure it was set up in such a way that would be comfortable for us to work at. In my case that meant putting my table on stilts. Being tall, I often found that the standard tables were causing straining in my back and I found it more comfortable to raise the table higher by about a foot. As we were prepped for the healing, we were asked to close our eyes, raise our hands and to stay like this until someone touched us after choosing us for a healing session.

When I felt a slight touch, I opened my eyes and saw a small Austrian lady standing in front of me. A very brief intake session with her revealed that she had suffered chronic pain for a long period of time and she also shared nothing was helping. I got a chair and helped her onto my table as the healing session was about to start. Slowing down my breath and going into a state of inner stillness and focus, setting an intent to align with the best possible outcome for the client, I started the healing. I kept tracking that which I perceived happening all of a sudden within her all the way throughout the healing session and I could also feel simultaneously how deep this session took me.

Upon completing the session, just before the dean of our year mentioned that it was about time to start thinking of closing off the healing work, the lady jackknifed upright on the table, seeming totally alert and ready to go. She also signalled she wanted to go. As I turned around with the chair to let her down, I found her already dangling halfway down the table. She quickly gathered her things, gave a quick nod in my direction and left the healing room rather fast. I felt befuddled as to what had happened. I felt confused so I took my chair and sat down against the wall of the healing room. One of the teachers walked past smilingly, whispering softly 'great healing!'. It didn't feel that way by the way the lady had sped out of the healing room.

A day later, I noticed one of the students of advanced Brennan studies seeking someone by walking from one breakfast table to the other at the hotel where most of us were staying. As she stopped at the table where I was having breakfast with classmates, it turned out the lady I had given a healing to was trying to find me to speak to me.

When I finally spoke to this lady, she shared what happened during the healing session and it placed a little more in context why she had hastily left the room. She told me that during the healing session, she had experiencing in that short healing period that her chronic pain had totally stopped and it hadn't returned as yet. As she was a professor, this hadn't made any sense to her and she hadn't been able to take that in at the time of the healing.

Just to let you know, not every healing has that sort of dramatic effect. There is no way I can control that which is going to happen and the only intent I hold with every healing is just for the best possible outcome for the client to manifest itself in whichever way that might be. That is not my choice but it is out of my hands once I start the healing work, the healing energy just flows where it needs to flow to. At times this is just a gentle soft little meandering pleasant stream which is nurturing to the clients, at other times it feels like a strong current is pulling me deep into a vortex of healing work where a 'quantum leap' is experienced by the client in that moment.

These experiences are great for the loosing of one's perceptions of the solidity of life. However, for deep and long-lasting healing to take place, staying stuck in the practice of 'subtle' sciences doesn't necessarily allow one to progress further.

For those clients who wish to go further, wishing to deepen their healing work, there is a need to step away from a 'dependency model' in which the healer is seen as the one 'fixing' something.

Deeper healing can start when there is a willingness to step into 'self-responsibility' in which a spiritual practice such as for example meditation (or shamanic journeying /soul retrievals) is introduced alongside deeper healing work. It becomes more of a cooperation effort between the client and the healer through a deeper commitment of the client to their own journey. It requires a level of maturity to start that part of the healing journey.

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