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An Alternative Approach to Life & Health Is Within Reach

Online Coaching Healing Work with Nathalie Declunder

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Meet Nathalie

Certified Healing Coach & Expert

Everyone has patterns and behaviours holding them back from reaching their full potential in life.  Some of those patterns can be debilitating even.

Nathalie, a qualified coaching healing professional is here to help you in your journey of discovery. A coaching healing professional can only take others as far as they have travelled themselves.

Through guided and relaxing inner work, considered advice and proactive coaching, you’ll soon learn new ways of working with old patterns and behaviours you never thought possible. Book a consultation today to find the change you’ve been seeking.


What I Specialize In

Shamanic Soul Retrievals 

Remote Land Clearing

Healing Coaching to a happier life

Dimensions of the Heart




Happiness & Peace can be found on the path of Self acceptance.

Begin Your Journey Today.

“I feel I look after myself more.  I am more positive.  I pace myself more, enjoying life with more fulfilment.”

- A.H. Beverley (UK)

“She is a healer who is innovative, intuitive and has integrity. She is an inspiration.  I have learned so much and she is enabling me to deepen my awareness on so many different levels.”

- L.H. Bradford (UK)

“Nathalie's healing abilities are excellent.  I have experienced those abilities many times over the years during collegial exchanges, long distance, using Skype ”

- H.J.S. (Germany)

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